We are proud to present you the CRONOSSHIPPING team you can rely on .A young eager to be with you and help you step by step in the recruitment process.



 CRONOSSHIPPING S.R.L., is a newly established company in 2018, with its fiscal domicile in Constanta, No. 54 Macesului Street, ROOM. No1, Constanta County and is registered with the Trade Register Office under no. J13 / 1203/2018, Tax Code 39299618, being led by a young, dynamic team with experience in the recruitment and placement of the maritime workforce. We have a database of bridge officers, mechanical officers, electric officers (engineers), cadets well trained for any kind of activities, as well as personnel without certificate, a team in continuous improvement according to international standards.

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We offer sailing personnel for all kinds of ships, deck officers, machine personnel for all functions, personnel without license, cadets. Romanian sailors are recognized as true professionals, being valued on the world maritime market. Ensuring personnel responsible for cleaning tanks, installers, mechanics for main engine repairs or auxiliary repairs. Other works necessary for the proper functioning of the ship. Agency services for ships located in maritime or river ports on the territory of Romania.

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Selections and placement of work forces For candidates applying to our company for any position, the following documents / formalities will be required: Fill in the CRONOSSHIPPING application that can be downloaded from our site, where you have to fill in the validity of all required certificates. Additionally, candidates will provide evidence of a clean criminal record. After the file is drawn up and checked, the interview program will be established. Personal documents will be checked for their validity and will be updated as needed The selected and recruited person is fully trained and prepared for an interview with our company in order to determine how appropriate and professionally trained he / she is All candidates will take the CES 4.1 test and all certificates in accordance with the IMO / STCW / ISPS / ILO and the flag documentation will be prepared and handed to the collaborators for a final approval The answer to the employment offer will be given in maximum 7 days;